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SuperMAXXDart Production Halted

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Posted On 07/14/99

In the past few months, Hasbro® stopped producing the original SuperMAXX™ series of guns, and re-released them with new colors.  Or so the general public thought.  Take a closer look at the new guns and you'll see a surprising difference- they no longer fire SuperMAXX™ darts.

SuperMAXX™ darts made their debut originally as Larami® darts in late 1996/early 1997.  When the Larami® company was purchased by Hasbro® in 1997, Hasbro® acquired the SuperMAXX™ series of guns from Larami®.  Hasbro® made modifications to the guns it acquired, changing their names and firing systems but left the Larami®/SuperMAXX™ darts intact.  The darts were sold in a six-dart refill pack as a separate product, but each of the new Nerf® SuperMAXX™ guns were sold with extra darts, so the refill packs were not in high demand.

Then, something happened.  One by one, the refill packs disappeared off store shelves.  Stores started to have clearance sales on SuperMAXX™ darts.  By the end of 1998, SuperMAXX™ refill packs were nowhere to be found.

Something else happened too.  A few months ago, Hasbro® re-released the three major SuperMAXX™ weapons (Nerf® SuperMAXX™ 750, 1500, and 3000) in newer, more vibrant colors.  
The guns were otherwise the same.

However, in the weeks that followed, even newer models of the guns were released.  These guns also sported new colors, but that's not all that was changed.  The newest guns no longer fire SuperMAXX™ darts.  Rather, they fire green base/pink tip micro darts.  The new ammo decreases the maximum distance and accuracy of the guns by a significant amount.

Why the change?  Probably a safety concern.  Just ask anyone who has ever been hit by a SuperMAXX™/Larami® dart- the ammo does sting.  The micro darts found in the gun now have large, floppy suction cups, and do not hurt at all.

For those who are looking for replacement SuperMAXX™ darts, you better act fast.  They now can only be obtained by purchasing the discontinued guns.  Look for boxes that have a copyright of 1997 on the back; these are the old guns which come with SuperMAXX™ ammo.  The newer guns are copyright 1998 (or later), some of which contain the micro darts. It seems that some stores sell the guns that fire micro darts, while others only have the SuperMAXX™ dart-firing guns in stock.  It can be assumed that the stores with the supplies of SM Dart-firing guns will begin to sell the micro dart guns once they restock.

It is unknown right now if the SuperMAXX™ 5000 will start to contain micro darts, but as of now, the SuperMAXX™ 5000 is still only being sold with SuperMAXX™ ammo.

As a side note, the range and accuracy of the newest re-released SuperMAXX™ guns do increase if the new Airjet Power™ micro darts are fired from the weapons.

Be on the lookout for SuperMAXX™ ammunition- it's going to be a collector's item in the near future.

From left to right- SuperMAXX dart, "re-released" micro dart, micro dart, Airjet Power micro dart.


Here's one of the culprits- the re-released Nerf® SuperMAXX 3000.





"For those who are looking for replacement SuperMAXX™ darts, you better act fast."

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