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Nerf® Arrow Strike
Arrow Strike
 Ammo: "Micro" Arrows  NCR: 3.0 | TR: 12.5

Blaster Summary

Averaged NCR  |

  Golden NGolden NGolden N (3.0)

TechRating  |


Release Date  |


Availability  |




Series  |

 Power Nerf™


1 X 2 ft. Target

@ 10 ft.


@ 15 ft.


@ 20 ft.


@ 25 ft.




2 X 4 ft. Target

@ 10 ft.


@ 15 ft.


@ 20 ft.


@ 25 ft.







Blaster Statistics

Ammo Type(s)  |

  3 "Micro" Arrows

Max. Distance  |

  40 feet

PTG Distance  |

  29 feet

Ammo Velocity  |

  23.4 ft. / sec.

Optimum Pumps  |


Rate of Fire  |

  1 shot per 1.45 sec.

Dimensions  |

  10.75" X 11" X 2.25"
  6 oz.



Place a "micro" arrow on each of the Arrow Strike¹s three yellow firing posts.
This blaster does not need to be primed.

Pull back the red firing handle and release.  The blaster will automatically advance the firing posts to prepare the next "micro" arrow.

Written Reviews


Andy Grau
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NerfCenter Rating

The packaging of the Nerf Arrow Strike alone may bring some doubts into your mind about the quality of this blaster: it refers to this blaster's ammo type as "arrows," when indeed the ammo actually looks like a modified version of the Nerf missile.  In comparison to the missiles themselves, these "micro arrows" do have smaller fins and more pointy tips, so the two types of ammo are a bit different.  However, the smaller fins make the micro arrows even less accurate than missiles.

The blaster itself has quite a few problems, as well.  The entire blaster seems to be developed for smaller hands, since the handle of the blaster barely accommodates an adult sized hand.  While this handle length may make the blaster easier to use for younger Nerfers, older Nerfers may find this blaster difficult to hold.  Also, as mentioned before, the blaster fires micro arrow ammo, making this blaster horribly inaccurate.

The only redeeming aspects of the Arrow Strike are the blaster¹s auto-rotating barrel, which allows you to quickly fire off all three micro arrows, and the blaster's above-average maximum distance. However, the blaster's inability to hit anything outweighs these positive features.

While the Arrow Strike might be fun for younger Nerfers, it is utterly impractical to use in a Nerf war.

Matt Michal
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NerfCenter Rating

For the pass few years nerfers had thought the missile-firing blaster had become extinct.  It had, thankfully - until now.  The foul stench of the missile is now found on the new Nerf Arrow Strike.  However, the conniving people at Hasbro claim the "missile" is an arrow.  Do not become confused.  The arrows the Arrow Strike uses are missiles, not arrows.  The arrows that it comes with it look like missiles and work in all the old missile launchers.  Furthermore, old missiles work with the Arrow Strike.  Therefore, for all practical purposes, they are MISSILES.  

With the understanding that the ammo Arrow Strike uses missiles, we can associate the general stereotypes of a missile blaster to the Arrow Strike.  First and foremost, the weapon has poor accuracy.  The ammo is flimsy and bends easily.  That makes it impossible the find a piece that will fly straight.  Second, because the ammo weights little, it has a fair range (both maximum distance and parallel to ground).  However, because it has no accuracy, the range is worthless.

In conclusion, the Arrow Strike is a missile blaster. It is a stereotypical missile blaster.  Do not buy the Arrow Strike.


Andi Hlabse
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NerfCenter Rating

The Nerf Arrow Strike is merely Hasbro's attempt to get the missile ammo type back into circulation.  

Although the "micro" arrows and missiles have slight differences, as noted in Andy's review, they are in essence the same.  So, of course, even the slightest bend to one of the fins will make the "micro" arrow hopelessly inaccurate.  You've got to be magical to hit what you're aiming at with this launcher.  Too add to the mess, the aiming sight on the Arrow Strike is positioned directly behind the hand position, so it is near impossible to use.  The blaster does have an automatically rotating barrel for rapid fire, but that's about it.

An average blaster - as could be expected as soon as the word missile was mentioned.


In Brief

>  Auto-rotating barrel
>  Small for adult hands
>  Weak accuracy
>  Fires missile-like ammo
The Arrow Strike is mediocre because of the weakness of its missile-esque ammo.
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