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The ArmorShot(TM) toy first appeared in January of 1997.

Toy Specifications

Overall Rating:


Weapon Class:

Small arm

Firing Type:


Rate of Fire:

1 shot per 4.25 seconds


9 inches long

Toy Performance

Maximum Load:

1 Suction Dart (Type 1)

Max. Distance:

35 Feet

Opt. Distance:

25 Feet

Hit % at 15':


Hit % at 25':


Average cost: $ 10
Age Rec: 6 and up

The ArmorShot(TM) toy has one benefit to it, and one only: You can store 8 extra shots on it's housing.

This is really the only reason to buy the toy. It suffers from not only an uncomfortable handle (which you can switch to belt firing) but the launching tube is a convoluted mess which both diminishes it's firing power and gets in the way of firing. The firing mechanism is also impossible for left-handers to shoot as the button is set up for right handers on the side of the handle.

While it has a nice range for it's price, it suffers from far too many disadvantages to balance this fact out. If you want an in close weapon go for a more traditional one.

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