Nerf® Brand
Made by Hasbro, Inc.
© Hasbro, Inc.

The Arrowstorm® first appeared in 1993.

Toy Specifications

Overall Rating:


Weapon Class:

Large arm

Firing Type:


Rate of Fire:

1 shot per 3.03 seconds


17 inches long

Toy Performance

Maximum Load:

6 Arrows or Suction Darts (Type 2)

Max. Distance:

55 Feet +5 with Darts

Opt. Distance:

30 Feet

Hit % at 15':


Hit % at 25':


Average cost: $ 20
Age Rec: 7 and up

The Arrowstorm® toy is an excellent beginners weapon. It has a high ammo count, good range, and a high accuracy. This weapon usually leaves the highest first impression on people, thus the Arrowstorm® toys are fairly abundant on the battlefield.

Though beginners tend to like the look of the weapon, do not let that fool you. The firing mechanism is manual, and thus can take some getting used to. This may not be a good toy for small children as the strength required to fire the weapon can be fairly demanding.

A good weapon overall for beginners and experienced players alike.

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