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The AutoGrip(TM) toy first appeared in July of 1996. It was the first toy in the Cyber Stryke(TM) line to appear on the market.

Toy Specifications

Overall Rating:


Weapon Class:

Small arm

Firing Type:


Rate of Fire:

1 shot per 3.45 seconds


10 inches long

Toy Performance

Maximum Load:

1 Suction Dart (Type 2)

Max. Distance:

30 Feet

Opt. Distance:

20 Feet

Hit % at 15':


Hit % at 25':


Average cost: $ 10
Age Rec: 6 and up

The AutoGrip(TM) toy is the first in a new Nerf® toy line called Cyber Strike(TM). This is a small toy which wraps around your wrist and can fold down 'out of the way' so you can flip it up to shoot at a later time.

I myself thing this is just silly. It has low shot ranges, slow reload time, and it is just plain faster to have a second weapon holstered than hanging one on your wrist with a flip deal. Younger kids might like it, but I think adults will want to pass for a more conventional, longer range weapon.

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