Electric Eel(TM)

Nerf® Brand
Made by Hasbro, Inc.
© Hasbro, Inc.

The Electric Eeel(TM) toy first appeared in June of 1997.

Toy Specifications

Overall Rating:


Weapon Class:

Small arm

Firing Type:


Rate of Fire:

1 shot per 4.125 seconds


15 inches long

Toy Performance

Maximum Load:

4 Suction Darts (Type 2)

Max. Distance:

25 Feet

Opt. Distance:

15 Feet

Hit % at 15':


Hit % at 25':


Average cost: $ 25
Age Rec: 6 and up

The Electric Eel(TM) toy is yet another toy which was a good idea gone bad. Here we have a 4 shot clip weapon which has a flash to charge the glow-in-the-dark strips which you put on your ammo. Very nice concept but here is where it goes wrong:

While the clip is a nice idea we have proven in the past it just doesn't work. While this is a new style of clip, and does feed smoother than the previous clip toys, it is still a clip. You essentially have to load the weapon twice before firing, once for the clip, then the clip itself. While the clip is an improvement over the older clips, and it doesn't jam quite as often, it is still a clip.

The toy is in serious lack of power. I wonder why they didn't modify the clip for the Micro Suction Darts instead. It is this lack of power which really hurts the toy the most.

The toy is also very large and very heavy. Both necessary to cheaply house the flashing device which illuminates the dart. Very cool for kids playing Night Stalker, however I again say the lack of range really kills this toy.

If you are looking for an easy way to find your ammo in the dark go no further. However if you want an effective toy at range you are better off picking something else.

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