Mad Hornet(TM)

Nerf® Brand
Made by Hasbro, Inc.
© Hasbro, Inc.

After many delays and changes the Mad Hornet(TM) toy finally appeared a year later than originally expected in May of 1997.

Toy Specifications

Overall Rating:


Weapon Class:

Small arm

Firing Type:

Semi-Auto Air Pump

Rate of Fire:

1 shot per 2.77 seconds


18 inches long

Toy Performance

Maximum Load:

6 Micro Suction Darts

Max. Distance:

30 Feet

Opt. Distance:

25 Feet

Hit % at 15':


Hit % at 25':


Average cost: $ 20
Age Rec: 6 and up

The Mad Hornet(TM) blaster is the most anticipated Nerf® toy ever and now that it has finally come out I am afraid it is a bit of a disappointment.

This is the first Nerf® toy to use their new air pump technology. Unfortunately as all new pieces of technology, the first is not always the best. To ready the toy you load all the ammo then proceed to pump up the pressure chamber (via the green handle in the front) until it is 'full'.

While the Mad Hornet(TM) blaster has awesome accuracy within 15 feet, its lack of long range makes it a liability in an outdoor war. Best use for this toy would be indoors, or with children small enough not to run very far to match it's limited range.

As the toy is also an air pump weapon, firing a burst of stored air from the air chamber, it seems to loose accuracy (by about 5% per shot) if you do not pump it between shots. Thus while the semi-auto nature is wonderful, you do loose some accuracy during shooting.

I must say while it is a good toy, I expected a bit more in the range department and didn't quite expect it to be so big.

Addition 7/27/97 - The Mad Hornet(TM) blaster is THE definitive inner office warfare toy.