Top 5

Last updated 3 / 15 / 98

#1 - RotoTrack(TM)

The RotoTrack(TM) blaster supports an excellently high ammo count and improved chain feeder / chain. The Chain does not misfire, supports both Type 1 and Type 2 ammo with equal use, and has range equal to the best of them.

A formidable weapon in the right hands. (Chain weapons aren't for everyone.)

#2 - Lock 'n Load(TM)

The Lock 'n Load(TM) toy light, small, and has one of the furthest reaching ranges. This toy also supports both Type 1 and Type 2 ammo with equal use.

#3 - Arrowstorm®

The Arrowstorm® toy is also an excellent choice for beginners or experts. Sporting arrows, this toy is a little harder to aim and fire due to it's manual cocking mechanism.

#4 - Manta Ray(TM)

The Manta Ray(TM) toy is an excellent weapon in that you can block and attack. While it may not be a great choice for a primary weapon, the fact that it shoots 4 shots make it an excellent backup weapon.
The only drawback to this toy is it's lack of range.

#5 - Secret Shot®

By far the best of the small arms, the Secret Shot® reigns supreme as a secondary weapon, or when playing in a small area.